Murder Club

from Malvador by Malvador



The table is set for our guests, an evening they’ll never forget.
A party of nine has arrived for a chance to be part of the crime.
Before you take your seats, will you please sign this release?
Once you finish your meals please reconvene in the lounge for drinks.
Now let’s cover the rules, the designated killer’s one of you, so find out who it is or you’ll all meet your doom.

Just then the room went black.
Sanity’s turned its back on them.
The smell of iron is in the air.
The door is locked. From a secret opening sinister events now unfold.

When the lights come back on it is revealed that foul play has occurred.
The maid is a bloody mess, splayed out on the floor with a knife jammed in her chest.
They split up into groups of two, exploring all the rooms.
A sickening sound, the doctor is found with a battle axe lodged in his head.
The jeweler is next; he breaks his neck in the lobby when the chandelier falls, then Mrs. Flock is fed to a crocodile.

If you were to stop and think about dying
To not want exciting, you’d have to be lying
The dues you must pay are paid with your blood
That’s the price to join the Murder Club

Was it the butler again?
And they all died horribly in the end.


from Malvador, released October 3, 2014


all rights reserved



Malvador Hamburg, New Jersey

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